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A Community for Azkadellia/Zero
Zero Tolerance: Trying Men's Souls 
11th-Oct-2008 02:51 pm
work, chewing on thumb
Title: Trying Men's Souls
Author: diabolicalfiend
Characters, pairing:
Rating: G
Summary: Things need to move quickly now.
Warning: post-series
Disclaimer: Do not own.

Table of Contents

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"Captain, we just detected a large force of Ev troops headed your way," Zero's voice from the communicator told Jeb. "They should be there within the ho..." He was cut off by static.

Suddenly, another voice emerged from the ether. "Young Mr Cain, I assume?" Hawk's slick voice filtered through. I don't suppose you'd like to surrender and avoid unnecessary bloodshed?"

"No," Jeb replied. He held up the communicator for all. A chorus of nos were the response.

Hawk sounded amused. "I was hoping you'd say that." The communicator went dead.

Wyatt got up and called out. "Battlestations, people!"

Unfortunately, war tended to be slow, then really quick, then slow. The heat was bearing down on them as they waited. "Jeb, get me the mining convoy."

"Cain, I know what you're going to say," Ambrose spoke before the former Tin Man managed to say anything. "...but we're going to need at least another hour of work before we can activate the minefield."

"You don't have an hour, sweetheart. The Ev will be there in less than twenty minutes and you're a sitting duck."

"Then I hope you can buy us more time," the scientist replied. "Glitch out."

DG and Azkadellia were handing out medical kits to the staff. The last one was handed out. "Now what?" DG asked her sister.

"Now? Now, we wait for the casualties to start coming in." She noticed DG's paling face. "You sure you're going to be ok?"

"I need to help. They won't exactly let me go to the front line." She smiled, worry slipping through.

"They'll be ok," she whispered. "Cain'll never permit anything else."

DG snorted.

"Lieutenant, I want you to take a defensive position near the mining convoy," Cain ordered Zero. "They have to finish deploying those mines no matter what the cost."

"And they will. You have my word on that." He signed off.

"Weapons ready," Jeb reported. "The Ev troops will be in range in five."

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