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A Community for Azkadellia/Zero
Zero Tolerance: Lavender Thoughts 
28th-Sep-2008 04:08 pm
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Title: Lavender Thoughts
Author: </a></b></a>diabolicalfiend 
Characters, pairing: Wyatt, The Queen
Rating: G
Summary: Wyatt can't put this off any longer.
Warning: post-series
Disclaimer: Do not own.

Table of Contents

Wyatt pulled himself off the floor and held out a hand to help the Queen up. She slipped her hand in his and allowed herself be lifted up. Brushing herself off, she looked at him with sympathy while he avoided her eyes. "We all have bad moments, Mr Cain. I've had my fair share and you've been through the wringer lately. Frankly, you're holding up much better than anyone has any right to expect."

"Trying telling that to Amaro's wife."

"Mr Cain, you're no more responsible for that than my daughter was for the actions of The Sorceress. Even... if there exists a part of her that enjoyed the power She gave her."

Wyatt gave her a thoughtful look. "I'm telling ya. I know about the rumours that some people wish DG would just take over but, with all due respect to Deeg, that would be one hell of a mistake."

Lavender bowed her head at the compliment. She picked up the letter opener, fiddling with it in her hand. "There were times, during those long years, where I looked at the various rocks and wished I could just dash my head open on them." She looked up to see Wyatt's reaction. "I never seriously considered it as it option but I wanted to feel something different, perhaps assuage my guilt. I deserved to be hurt."

Pain was etched on Wyatt's face as she exposed his wounds by exposing her own. "I'm not sure I'd have managed it. Having to look my daughter in the eye and knowing it wasn't her. And maybe... not knowing it."

"Yes," Lavender agreed emphatically. "The not knowing. It hurt not being able to look and not see her but looking and seeing her... the anger there..." she shook her head. It was Wyatt's turn to hold her. It crossed his mind what Ahamo would think if he happened in at that moment. Lavender eventually pulled away. "We must stick together in these hard times, Mr Cain."

"Wyatt. 'Bout time you started callin' me that."

"Lavender," she smiled.

Wyatt smiled back. "Got good news. Jeb and DG finally got their act together."

"Oh! That is a relief. Honestly if we had to play games with Lemmons much longer, I'd have snapped."

Wyatt's smile widened. "Aw, now I'm almost disappointed."

She laughed. "I should go. You must go see Cassandra."

Wyatt nodded with a long breath. "I must. Lavender?" She looked at him. "Thank you."

She smiled. "Thank you, Wyatt." She slipped out the door.

Cass was walking out the door just as Wyatt was arriving. They surprised each other. "Uh, hi," Cass eventually managed.

"We need to talk."

Cass had a meeting. She was going to be late. "Ok." Damn blue eyes. "Come in."

Get straight to the point. "I love you. And I've told Adora that."

Several different emotions flitted through Cass' face. Most of them apprehension. "So... what happens now?"

Wyatt approached her. "Up to you. Do you love me?"

Cass was almost panicked with the memory of not being allowed near him. She was unable to manage anything more than a nod. Wyatt's hand went up to her face and she responded, pushing her cheek into his hand. She moved forward and he kissed her. The only sound in the room was the sound of their lips smacking and their gasps as they took quick breaths while they kissed.

Eventually, they pulled apart, Cass' forehead meeting Wyatt's as they stood, breathless. "I have a meeting," she remembered.

Wyatt smiled evilly. "Meet me in the main hall after." Cass responded with another kiss, ending up pushing the man against the wall. She was nibbling on his neck. "So... this meeting...?" Cass stopped. Damn, Wyatt, what are you trying to do to yourself?

"Uh... important meeting." She looked at him with the heat still in her eyes. He almost collapsed... or something. "I'll see you later."


Zero knocked on the door before letting himself in. He found Wyatt, still trying to pull himself together. Zero looked down. "Didn't know you cared," he smirked.

"Shut up."

"I, uh, guess you made a decision there."

"Yeah, I guess I did," Wyatt smiled. "She's..."

"Gonna be looked after?" Zero asked him.

Wyatt grew determined. "Yes."

Zero nodded slowly. "Guess she's gonna busy for a while." He walked out.

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