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A Community for Azkadellia/Zero
Zero Tolerance: Healing 
23rd-Sep-2008 08:39 pm
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Title: Healing
Characters: Wyatt, DG, Jeb
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own Tin Man.
Summary: Wyatt wakes up with a weight on his chest.

Table of Contents

Those painkillers were very effective. Wyatt knew this because now he was feeling them wear off. His ribs were aching and there was a great weight on his heart. It took Wyatt another few seconds to realise he wasn't thinking about the metaphorical weight but an actual one. He opened his eyes and looked down and saw the distinctive soft, silky hair that was perfectly managed, yet still remained a little frizzy despite the odds. It could only be DG's hair.

At this realisation, he looked around for Jeb who was asleep nearby. DG must have convinced him to come. "Princess," he whispered at her. Those ribs were really starting to hurt. DG barely shifted, but Jeb woke up immediately. Wyatt smiled at that. Even if he hadn't grown up under The Sorceress' reign, he was always a light sleeper.

Wyatt remembered Adora insisting that he learn the layout of their house so that he could avoid every creaking board. She even gave him tests to see if he could manage it. If he'd so much as missed the correct plank, either because he was too tired or too drunk, Jeb would immediately wake up crying. Adora tended to be more sympathetic for the tiredness but still shot him daggers every time it happened.

Jeb realised immediately where DG was lying and gave her a shake to wake her up. "Rise and shine, Honey."

"I'm up! I'm up!" DG slurred as she wiped her mouth. "Oh, hi, Cain!" She looked down at where she was lying. "Oh, sorry."

"It's fine." He looked up at Jeb, waiting.

"So... uh, Deeg squashing you aside, uh... how are you, Dad?"

"Worried about you. I'm so sorry, son. I..."

"I know. That wasn't you. Sure as hell scared the life out of me though." Jeb looked at the ground. "Spoke to Amaro's widow. Zero told her how 'regretful' you were... she... was mad. I made sure her family was provided for. The funeral will take place on the weekend. The widow would prefer you didn't intend. Burke, Pechetti and Stolzoff will be on the same day, but after it. I think you should go to those."

Wyatt nodded. "You can't stay in bed, Cain. You gotta face the big wide world sometime. Almost nobody blames you. I don't." He looked at her. She wasn't there.

"She's right, Dad. Zero faces the world everyday. You can too."

Wyatt managed a smile. "I guess I'm outnumbered."

"Raw's about. You could talk about it with him."

"He's already healed you. May as well ask about your mind," Jeb read his mind.

"I'll make this up to you, son."

"It's ok, Dad." He pulled together his courage and gave him a hug. Wyatt noticed the hesitation and squeezed back hard, making the promise again, this time to himself.

Zero was getting frustrated. Azkadellia had refused to talk to him. Well, ok, she had a few words, like: 'Really?' 'Interesting.' 'I see.' He tried making her laugh and could swear she almost cracked a couple of times. He'd tried apologising and being sincere. He even gave up once or twice, moving off to find his daughter or sister but eventually they sent him back at her.

It was in a meeting, Wyatt's first since..., that Zero finally snapped. "You're just like your mother," he huffed at her. Dead silence filled the room. Wyatt let out an unconscious low whistle.

Az whirled from where she was facing her sister. "What did you say?" she hissed.

Zero knew he was sunk. He was one of those kamikaze pilots he learned about. Still, they went down with honour and by Gods he was going to too. He folded his arms. "Oh. You... you heard me." He nodded. Oh he was looking at The Sorceress now. And that was no bad thing. No point in ignoring that part of her. Not evil, just not defenseless.

"Oh... you're going to pay." She pushed him.

"Pay, huh? Watcha gonna do?" he smirked, bouncing about like a boxer with his hands down.

She was very aware that DG, Wyatt and Jeb were in the room. "Tea. Later." She walked out. Zero peered after her.

"I'd like to say a few words about a fallen colleague," Jeb began, solemnly standing up. Wyatt and DG soon followed, Wyatt taking off his hat.

"You're all very funny," Zero remarked. "This is all part of my master plan."

"Well, it's no longer a mystery why you got yourself divorced twice," Wyatt remarked. He winced at the face Zero pulled. He wanted to apologise. He shook it off, no point in getting weird with the man.

"Look, just trust me here."

Jeb's arm went around and he grabbed Zero by the shoulder. "Ok... what do you want in your eulogy?"

"Watch and learn, little boy. Wait until you'll have to do it with the missus," he pointed to DG. "Last ditch in the 'she ignores you' fight."

DG rolled her eyes at the 'missus' comment. "Get going, Zero."

"Your Highness," he bowed and left the room.

"Last we'll see of him," Jeb remarked with a grin.

"Come on, Cain," DG pulled him towards the door. "I need you to give this guy the ol' stink eye. Jeb's is pathetic."

"Hey! I'm feared by Longcoats everywhere."

"Jeb, the last time you tried to give the stink eye to that puppy, he licked your face!" Wyatt laughed. DG smiled at him. "You're too good natured. It's what I love... like about you."

Once they arrived, Wyatt managed to pull himself out from DG's iron grasp. "DG, do you mind if I talk to Jeb a minute before we go in?"

DG nodded. "I'll have Bernard keeping me company." She opened the door and found Lemmons sitting in a chair having spoken with Bernard. They stopped when she arrived and Lemmons stood up. "Sorry I'm late."

Bernard just gave her a quick nod. Lemmons spoke up. "I'm sorry for calling this meeting. We have something to discuss. About the... wedding..." How bout we not have one? "And Jebediah Cain."

"Jeb?" DG was alarmed. "What about him?"

"Well, I have come to a conclusion. You may continue your, ah, relationship with him when we have married. Apart from... obvious intervals."

Why wouldn't I continue my relationship... intervals? It took a moment for her to connect the dots. She spluttered. "You want Jeb to be my... to be my..."

"Concubine?" Bernard offered helpfully.

"Thank you, Bernard," DG replied shortly, heading back towards the door to get Jeb. He entered on his own. "Jeb, you wouldn't believe..." She was cut off by Jeb's mouth on hers. She was very confused.

Bernard was not. Neither was Wyatt. "Well, I'm afraid you will no longer be required, my Lord," he began to escort him out.


"You win some, you lose some, kid."

"I..." They left Jeb and DG alone.

"Tea? Coffee?" Az offered.

Zero was on the edge of his seat, his leg jumping. "Uh... coffee." Azkadellia poured. "Cream? Sugar."

"One. Sugar." He gave an awkard smile. She picked up a single cube and plopped it into the coffee with a splash. She moved to her own cup, making Zero reach for his own. Ok, torture. This is fine. I can do this.

He reached over in time for Az to pour her cream, getting most of it on his hand. "Oh. Dear. Let me take care of that." He was tempted to just lick it off. But he had been brought up better than that. Az had gotten a handkerchief. And she began to clean him up... very slowly. Watching him. Oooh! This is torture. She only broke this with the odd lick of her own fingers. Did she pour cream on them?

Who THE HELL CARES! He was subconsciously licking cream from his own fingers. She kept staring at him. "Zero?"


"You just going to sit there?" Zero grinned wolfishly before pulling on her hand.
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