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A Community for Azkadellia/Zero
Zero Tolerance: Recovery 
20th-Sep-2008 10:52 am
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Title: Recovery
Characters: Wyatt, Zero, Raw, Jeb and DG
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Do not own.
Summary: Back at the Palace.

Table of Contents

The Palace never looked brighter or more welcoming. Zero upon finding Azkadellia at the gates to greet him, pulled her into a hug and didn't let go. Not until Azkadellia spoke up, her voice muffled by his jacket. "Umph! Zero? Kinda need to help Cain here..." He waited another couple of seconds before letting her go.

After that, he went on to find his daughter, her concerns and whims beginning to wash away what had happened. Her mother watched him with narrowed eyes, wondering what had gone on in his mission but didn't ask so Zero didn't explain.

Eventually, he made it as far as the Palace infirmary, which was more than Jeb had managed. He met Raw outside Wyatt's room. "Sisters help, magic gone. Body ok in few days. Mind..." Zero nodded. "Sister ok?"

"She's to get rest, but she's ok." He looked through the doors at Wyatt. "He looks so peaceful. Kinda hard to believe he was the same guy who was trying to kill me, well," he corrected. "By using his son as bait."

"Not same. Magic bring out bad. Let it take over. No control. How Jeb?"

"With DG," he replied, considering the Viewer's words. "Best place for him. Can I talk to him?"

"Minute," Raw nodded.

Nodding his thanks, Zero stepped on through. Wyatt opened his eyes on his approach and stared at him, not sure what to expect. "Figured you wanna know that we got the stuff we needed. Ambrose is up in his shop getting the mines ready."

Wyatt nodded. "Mission accomplished."

Zero nodded and looked at the Wyatt before him. This wasn't his Wyatt, he knew that. There was no righteous anger under the surface, no questioning of Zero's worthiness for his second chance. The Tin Suit wasn't able to destroy his sense of humour, but this sure as hell did. "I, uh, guess it didn't go as anybody expected." Brilliant insight, Zero! Just... genius. "You know there's going to be an inquest."

"So I've been told," Wyatt whispered. He didn't care about that. He wanted someone to plunge a jagged dagger into his chest, for what he'd done, especially to Jeb. "Zero, I was hoping to ask a favour."

"Don't worry, once they hear the facts..."

But Wyatt was shaking his head. "Not about that. I'd like you... I'd like you to send my deepest regrets to Amaro's wife. I'd do it myself... somehow I don't think she'd be too receptive to seeing me."

"I'll tell her," Zero promised.


"Raw said that the blast broke a few of your ribs," Zero broke the silence again.

"It could have been worse," Wyatt replied. "If I'd been any closer to that grenade, I'da been killed."

"Yeah, well, don't take this the wrong way there, buddy, but that was the idea."

"Yeah," Wyatt nodded. "...Jeb?"

"Well, uh, look at it this way, he'll be getting closer to his mom, now," Zero pulled his features into a smile, or at least that was what it was supposed to be. "He knows it wasn't you, give him time." Wyatt looked away at that. Was it him? "Look, uh, I'll see you around."

Wyatt looked back at him and nodded. Zero left, giving Raw a nod on his way out.

Zero approached Mrs Amaro. She was deathly quiet, no doubt trying to figure out some sense out of all of it. She looked up at him as he drew near, her eyes filled with unshed tears. Zero sat quietly beside her. "I'm sorry for your loss," he whispered.

Silence filled the air. "It was supposed to be over," she spoke finally. "We were going to try for a family." She shook her head. "He was killed by one of the Saviours of the OZ?"

Zero shook his head. "No. He was just the last victim of The Witch."

"But that's not true, is it? He's not the last victim. She's still out there, free. Hawk is her new pet now."

Zero, being the 'old pet', didn't respond. "Wyatt Cain sends his deepest regrets."

Mrs Amaro glared at him. "Fine," she choked out before getting up and leaving.

One more stop. Zero nodded at the few guards before rapping on the door. Bernard opened the door and let him in. He guided Zero to the lounge area of the rooms, closing the door behind him, leaving Zero with DG and Jeb. "How are you?" he asked Jeb.

Jeb smiled. "I'm ok, for the most part." He patted DG's knee in thanks. "How... is Dad?"

"Guilty mostly. Scared of himself. Angry about his weakness... panicking because he thinks he's lost you."

"I just..."

But Zero held up his hand. "Take your time. But I think you should see him. Bring DG." DG's hand slipped into Jeb's, sending him a message that she'll stick by him.

"How's your sister?" she asked.

"She's fine. Headache, sore body. Few days rest." Zero nodded to himself, having said all he needed to. "I'll see you," he said, moving to leave.

"Zero?" Jeb called after him. Zero looked around. "Thanks. For saving me." Regret flashed in his eyes, wishing he'd managed to do that to the others, but he nodded and left the room.

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