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A Community for Azkadellia/Zero
Zero Tolerance: Rustling in the Dark 
17th-Sep-2008 01:12 pm
work, chewing on thumb
Title: Rustling in the Dark
Characters: Zero, Cass, Wyatt and Jeb Cain and OCs.
Rating : PG13-16
Disclaimer: I don't claim to own anything.
Summary: The team arrives at The Vault.

Table of Contents

"Let's call for help," Burke asked, barely hanging onto his panic.

"How?" Pechetti asked him. "These things only have a limited range." He held up the phone.

"We could always try sending smoke signals," Amaro remarked. Undoubtedly they were too far from the palace to receive help.

"That's not a bad idea," Cass replied. She continued off their looks. "There's a spell I used to send messages to other cells, using the blue smoke. It needs another fire but undoubtedly there'll be a few within the palace walls."

"What do you need?" Wyatt asked.

"Well, a fire and a few gems so I don't frighten the life out of some maid. If I can even get to the palace. I'll need power."

"Pechetti, go through the quarters, find anything and everything that's combustible," Wyatt ordered. "Stolzoff go with him. Burke, help Cass get the supplies she needs. Amaro will watch your back. Jeb and Zero are with me. The main lounge is where we'll set up the fire. Stay off the phones as much as possible, we don't want to take the chance that they'll give away our positions. Questions?" There were none. "Let's go."

"What the hell is this thing?" Burke looked at a... thing.

Cass looked at him. "It's the u-bend of a toilet."

"I guess you won't been needing it."

"Not at the moment, thank you."

His hands shook as he set it down. So much so that he dropped it with a loud clattering that made the others jump. "You ok?" Amaro asked him.

"My hand's shaking..." Burke replied.

"Must have had too much coffee," Amaro suggested, getting the younger man off the hook.

"Take a break," Cass told him.

Burke had barely sat down when a peculiar rustling nearby made him jump back up. Amaro gestured a 'stay put' with a gesture of his hand and bring his rifle up, headed towards its source. He disappeared around the corner and they heard the sound again. He reappeared. "Window open. Too bad we're on the tenth floor."

The others breathed a sigh of relief before deciding to return to work.

The Cains and Zero were busy throwing away whatever non-combustible materials they found, not much wasn't. "I'm not convinced Stolzoff was right about our Longcoat friends," Zero remarked. "Why would anyone voluntarily seal themselves in here, possibly for years -- just to guard an abandoned Vault? Even the Third Battalion isn't that fanatical... something else is going on."

Maybe so," Jeb agreed, "but I don't intend to be here long enough to find out what it is." Jeb stepped outside into the alternate route. He didn't hear the gentle rustling nearby, concentrating instead on where to put that porcelain lamp without it crashing down on top of him. The rustling grew closer as he lowered it on to what looked like an even surface. "Jeb!" Zero called out, making Jeb jump and almost knock the lamp over. He turned to face Zero's head poking out the door. "Could use your help with this marble table."

"Ok," Jeb replied, moving back into the room. The rustling disappeared.

Pechetti looked at the books, steeped in an ancient language, something humbling about even looking at them. He turned around to Stolzoff who was pointing a rifle at him. "You mind not aiming that at me?"

She looked own at it. "Don't worry, the safety's on," she responded casualty.

Suddenly a book clattered to the ground. Stolzoff aimed her weapon at it as if it was going to jump up and get her in the face. "Tell me you did that. Somehow..."

Pechetti shook his head, pulling his own weapon. They approached the area the book was in. Using a lantern, they went back to back, scanning the room. There was nothing. "Maybe, I didn't put it back properly," Pechetti suggested, picking up the book and replacing it carefully.

Stolzoff frowned, unwilling to accept that explanation. She decided to do a sweep of the room. Pechetti returned to what he was doing, but the sight of a valuable book in a glass case intrigued him. He stepped closer, a smile on his face.

The next thing she knew, Stolzoff heard the sound of the glass cracking. She whirled in that direction, only to see the shadow of a tall man, his hands around her friend's throat. "Pechetti!" she called out as she raised her rifle but by the time she had it aimed, Pechetti was gone. She grabbed her phone and activated it. "Stolzoff to Cain. A Long..." She was cut of by a longcoat aiming a backhanded-chop at her.


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